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Do you want to know what aspiring hospitality leaders and young talents think about the future of the industry, what they are concerned about and where they see opportunities? You landed right where you need to be!

We are proud to present the Young Hoteliers Summit (YHS) 

Every March since its inauguration at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in 2010, we build a dynamic communicative platform that aims to bridge the gap between leading hospitality firms, their masterminds and top notch talent of over 30 hospitality schools from around the globe and bring them all together for a 3-day Global Summit at EHL in Switzerland to shape the industry of tomorrow.

Independently organized by a selected team of students from EHL, YHS has steadily evolved into its success as an association, feeding on the constant up growth of the hospitality industry whilst catering to the need for a dynamic platform that enables students to find their fit amongst exceptional leaders driving the hospitality industry forward!

Young Hoteliers Summit is built on four major pillars:






Global Summit '16

The YHS Global Summit held in March of every year at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne serves as the signature event of YHS by engaging in essential discussions related to employment in the fast-paced and globally present Industry of Hospitality.

The Global Summit 2016 has evolved around Technology and the Game Changers of Modern Hospitality. We were honored to welcome Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as the Challenge Provider for the 7th edition. Fell free to discover more information on the theme, partners and participating schools of the Global Summit ’16 that took place from March 14th to 16th by clicking on the respective tab or get a feel for the #GenerationYHS by checking out our past events.



Young Hoteliers Summit
Young Hoteliers Summit meeting awesome people over info sessions at M108.
Did you hear the amazing news? You're invited!
We welcome you to our information sessions today at 12:30 and 17:15
Join the team behind the world's largest hospitality student conference
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Young Hoteliers Summit
Young Hoteliers Summit feeling confident in Lugano, Switzerland.
Day 10: Luca Staderini, Executive Board
After being Assistant Housekeeper at the Hotel Hassler in Rome, Luca springboarded himself to Feasability Analyst during his most recent internship at Starwood Hotels and Resorts EAME Corporate Office.
Both internships developed different skills and one he will never forget is helping reunite Karl Lagerfeld with his temporarily lost cat!
The YHS vision resonates with Luca, bringing students together to form a platform and voice in the global network of hospitality leaders.
Finally, Luca's dream trip is to travel on the Orient express so if you're interested in taking some down time after the Summit, let him know!
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Young Hoteliers Summit
Young Hoteliers Summit feeling adventurous in Switzerland.
Day 9: Susanne Roeren, Finance
As a child, Susanne knew she would travel and even made a point to warn her parents well in advance.
She didn't wait to prove it, taking an exchange semester in Singapore and then working as a flight attendant for one year after graduating.
Susanne is also a one-gal band, playing piano, drums and singing - we nearly had to bargain with the music committee to have her!
During her time at EHL, she's taken internships in Moorea and Berlin and when she's on campus she loves to get back into tennis and salsa.
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Young Hoteliers Summit
Young Hoteliers Summit feeling nostalgic in Thailand.
Day 8: Valentin Gienal, Press Relations
It's true that Valentin doesn't look like your typical Thai man but it's where he grew up and it's where he's working on internship now.
His favourite sport is basketball and after all that running, he loves to refuel with a good kebab.
Valentin loves to organize big events and with YHS, he looks forward to reaching out to the wider hospitality community.
To finish, he's got a top tip for your next holiday destination: look no further than Namibia!
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Young Hoteliers Summit
Young Hoteliers Summit meeting awesome people at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.
Good morning and welcome, we're recruiting for #8thEdition!
Click to find your position in a great team http://bit.ly/apply-yhs8thEd
Send your CV & Letter of Motivation to hr@yhsglobal.com by 2nd October
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Young Hoteliers Summit