Global Summit ’17

Monday, 13th of March

08:30 - 08:45
Opening Ceremony
08:45 - 9:15
YHS Rankings Results
Clara Pinto
Louisa Schwarz 
Sara Axelrod - Local Measure


09:15 - 09:45
Industry Keynote
Bernhard Bohnenberger - President, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas
09:45 - 10:35
Partner Presentations
10:50 - 12:00
Panel Discussion
Reinventing Luxury Hospitality - How can we invest innovatively?

Jonathan Humphries, Senior Lecturer EHL (moderator)
Ramsey Mankarious - CEO & Founder, Cedar Capital Partners
David Samson - Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Deloitte UK
Marco P. Nijhof - Consultant & Speaker, Value Retail PLC
Philipp Henle - Head of Global Development, Dorchester Collection

15:50 - 16:50
Panel Discussion
Conceptualize, Plan, Benefit: Find Your Footing in The Sustainable Future

Eric Ricaurte - CEO & Founder, Greenview (Moderator)
Peter Lofgren - Head of Group Engineering Operations, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Inge Huijbrechts - Global Vice President Responsible Business, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Tuesday, 14th of March

10:00 - 10:30
Industry Keynote
Quinn Cox - Business Development Executive, TINT
10:45 - 12:15
Panel Discussion
The Power of Data - Gather, convert and implement - How information changes the industry!

Ian Millar - Project Manager METRO Innovation Chair & Senior Lecturer, EHL (Moderator)
Ait Voncke - Vice President Market Management EMEA, Expedia
Martin Rhomberg, RVP & General Manager, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
Jeremy Ward, Chief Operating Officer, iRiS Software Systems
Martin Soler, Marketing Advisor, SnapShot

12:15 - 12:45
Industry Keynote
Emerging Trends in Hospitality & Tourism

Steve Hood, Senior Vice President of Research, STR


16:15 - 16:45
Industry Keynote
Building Something New Requires Something New 

Lyle Worthington, Chief Information Officer, The Student Hotel 


16:45 - 18:00
Panel Discussion
Innovative Business Models - Successfully Revolutionising Hospitality 

Katharine Le Quesne - Visiting Professor, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Moderator)
Katharine Pottinger - Chief Hospitality Officer, Oasis
Georgios Chiotis - Head of Online and eCommerce, Generator Hostels
Lyle Worthington - Chief Information Officer, The Student Hotel

Wednesday, 15th of March

08:30 - 09:00
Challenge Q&A
11:00 - 11:45
Industry Keynote
How Much Is Your Hotel Worth?

Russell Kett - Chairman, HVS London


12:00 - 12:45
Industry Keynote
Thoughts on Innovation

Jens Lapinski - Managing Director, Techstars 


13:35 - 14:25
Challenge Pitch
14:45 - 15:45
Challenge Presentations
16:05 - 16:35
Challenge Winner Announcement & Closing Ceremony

Young Hoteliers Summit Pass

On Tuesday, March 14th, the YHS Summit Pass grants you access to a full day program of two interesting panel discussions, three inspiring keynote speeches and a choice of three workshops hosted by Generator Hostels, TINT and Page Personnel, including lunch with the 80 international delegates and industry professionals. The YHS Summit Pass also enables you to visit all other panel discussions and keynote speeches presented during Monday and Wednesday of the summit.

If your visit requires a visa, please send us an email to We are happy to provide you with an invitation letter for your visa application.

EHL Student & Alumni Pass

The EHL Pass is only accessible for current and former students of École hôtelière de Lausanne. The Student & Alumni Pass allows you to attend four panel discussions about the most current hospitality topics and six keynote speeches of inspiring industry leaders over the 3 days summit.

We are proud to present the panel discussions and introduce
the core orientation of the 8th edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit:

Tackle the Challenge of Conventionalism in the Hospitality Industry

The 8th Edition of the Young Hotelier’s Summit seeks to evaluate, assess, and adapt the traditional hospitality business model. In today's hospitality industry, fast moving digital players increasingly gain importance in catering to an ever changing consumer behavior. The unstable environment of the industry drives the need to reinvigorate business practices and calls for the introduction of creative new structures.

Hospitality firms are currently going through a critical evolution period where strategic decision-making is key for individual firms to remain competitive. By involving a range of stakeholders, we aim to guide our delegates and students through the hospitality innovation process. The 8th edition will question and reassess hospitality companies from within, including product innovation, branding as well as an increased focus on strategy planning. YHS will host panel discussions, keynote speeches, and workshops which will examine these processes from a student, academic, and industry point of view.

Partners of the Global Summit '17

Challenge Provider

We are delighted to welcome The Student Hotel as our Challenge provider for the 8th edition of the Global Summit. The Student Hotel is pioneering a modern hybrid in hospitality, the likes of which have never been seen. Its mission is to meet the needs of demanding 21st century students and design-savvy travelers of today and meet in dynamic harmony. By fusing luxury, long-stay student accommodation with short-stay facilities for the social globetrotter.

Royal Partners

Having been the Challenge Provider of YHS' 6th edition in 2015 and Royal Partner since 2014, we are proud to welcome back Dorchester Collection this year as Royal Partner. The group has been operating a collection of the finest luxury hotels since 2006, pursuing excellence whilst honouring heritage.

We are also delighted to welcome back Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as one of our Royal Partners. Challenge Provider for the 7th edition and Royal Partner since 2014. Their people-based culture is renown throughout the world of hospitality and the connection with their guests is a coveted distinction – one that they still uphold now and always.

Returning for the fourth time, we are incredibly pleased to present Expedia as a Royal Partner. Being one of the world’s leading companies for online travel and renown for its innovative drive, we were delighted to join forces once again to shape the future of the industry.

Exposure Partners

Once more, we are proud to welcome back The Leading Hotels of the World to YHS as our Exposure Partner. Established in 1928, LHW is today one of the largest luxury collections with more than 375 hotels in 75 countries.

Founded in 2013 and now trusted by over 5000 brands in more than 172 countries, Tint Socials aim is to integrate user-generated content, from 15 different channels, into websites in order to increase marketing performance.  

Generator is Europe’s fastest growing hostel brand located in the most central locations, they combine affordable luxury rooms with unique social events for the travelers and locals of Europe's coolest cities. 

Oasis aim is to change the way travelers experience the world's top destinations by offering a home meets hotel service. Because they believe that being adventurous doesn't have to mean sacrificing service. They created a new brand of hospitality that allows you to go off the beaten path—to truly experience a city or culture without giving up the conveniences you expect from your favorite hotel.


Reinventing Luxury Hospitality

How Can We Invest Innovatively?

Monday, 13th of March 2017

This panel aims to gauge the most prosperous investment and innovation opportunities in luxury hospitality. From long-standing traditional hotel brands to Bulgari’s venture into branded-residence, the field of luxury is everlasting yet ever-changing. Would there be likelihoods for a cross-over between hospitality and other luxury industries? How can luxury be integrated to the real estate investors’ vision for mixed-use developments or assisted living? By bringing together various stakeholders on the spectrum of hospitality investment, we hope to stimulate discussion to preview the future reinvention of luxury

Conceptualize, Plan, Benefit:

Find Your Footing in the Sustainable Future

Monday, 13th of March 2017

This panel discussion aims to address the key benefits, motivations, and the practice crucial to the development of hospitality projects. As an industry, we seek to understand, the apt timing for implementing sustainability practices, and what the key benefits are from doing so. To fully understand the impact of these practices, we should understand the key players. Who takes the ownership of sustainability projects, how does each stakeholder individually benefit from such practice, and who are the new generation of stakeholders in an evolved industry?

Power of Big Data: Gather, Convert and Implement

How Information Changes the Industry

Tuesday, 14th of March 2017

There is an enormous amount of data in the hospitality and tourism industry created by each guest from the moment they start dreaming about their next holiday destination or planning their next business trip. With more and more mobile devices and bookings through those smart phones the trace of date left behind increases every day. This panel discussion will focus on how the power of big data affects the hospitality and tourism industry. We will examine this phenomenon from a marketing, booking and operational point of view. By answering questions such as: How can this data be converted into insights that can help a hotel brand understand and attract their customer base in order to gain a competitive advantage? How can hotels make use of big data in order to help their frontline employees to offer a personalized experience? And last but not least, will online travel agencies share or sell date in order for hotels to be more profitable? Very soon data will become an important aspect of the functioning of the hospitality sector because they provide hotel brands with limitless opportunities to grow their customer base on a global level. 

Innovative Business Models

Successfully Revolutionizing Hospitality

Tuesday, 14th of March 2017

The hospitality industry has a rich and diverse history full of traditions. Not only globalization but also technology has changed the next generation of tomorrow. While the airline industry has adapted and reinvented themselves - traditional hotels have not reacted to the disrupters of the industry. This panel discussion gathers the most fast-moving and innovative companies in the hotel industry. We will answer questions such as: How will the future hotel rooms look like? What are the latest consumer trends? How should traditional hotels reinvent themselves? 


Peter Lofgren
Head of Group Engineering Operations
Jonathan Humphries
Chairman at HoCoSo & Senior Lecturer EHL
Speaker '17
Philipp Henle
Head of Global Development
Ramsey Mankarious
CEO & Founder
Bernhard Bohnenberger
David Samson
Deloitte UK
Speaker '17
Eric Ricaurte
CEO & Founder
Speaker '17
Quinn Cox
Head of Partnerships
Speaker '17
Russell Kett
HVS - London
Speaker '17
Inge Huijbrechts
Global Vice President Responsible Business
Ait Voncke
Vice President Account Management EMEA
Speaker '17
Martin Rhomberg
Regional VP & General Manager
Martin Soler
Marketing Advisor
Speaker '17
Jeremy Ward
Chief Operating Officer
Katharine Pottinger
Chief Hospitality Officer
Speaker '17
Marco P. Nijhof
Consultant & Professional Speaker on Hospitality & Guest Experience
Value Retail
Speaker '17
Ian Millar
Project Manager METRO Innovation Chair & Senior Lecturer EHL
Metro Group
Speaker '17
Steve Hood
Senior VP of Research STR and Founding Director of the SHARE Center
Speaker '17
Georgios Chiotis
Head of Online and eCommerce
Youri Sawerschel
Founder & Brand Strategist
Stefano Borzillo
Associate Dean, Director of the Bachelor, Professor
Lyle Worthington
Chief Information Officer
Jens Lapinski
Managing Director
Katharine Le Quesne
Visiting Professor
Young Hoteliers Summit