Speakers ’18

Keynote Speakers 

At YHS, as well as at all the highest-regarded conferences around the world, Keynote Speeches consist of a single speaker on stage, connecting to their audience through one-of-a-kind presentations around the central theme of the conference. Our 9th Edition focuses on “Eyes to the Future: Following the Momentum of Growth”, and our speakers will interpret this central theme through their own eyes, being themselves influential figures in the Hospitality field.
Tina Haller
Senior Manager, KPMG
Michael Levie
Founding Partner & COO, CitizenM
Steve Hood
Senior VP of Research, STR

Panel Discussions

Monday, March 12th – From 10.45 am to 11.45 am
Redefining Luxury in the Age of the Millennial
In this panel discussion, we will examine the correlation between millenials and the luxury travel industry, as well as the potential trends in the luxury sector with the influence of millenials. How will millenials reshape the luxury travel industry? How should the marketing, sales and merchandising strategies adapt to the changes in the demography? What actions are luxury sectors taking to satisfy all-age group travelers?
Jurgen Ammerstorfer
General Manager, EDITION
Rami Sayess
Regional VP & GM, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
François Delahaye
COO, Dorchester Collection
Monday, March 12th – From 15.50 pm to 17.00 pm 
How Technology will Change the Future Hospitality Industry
While guest demands becoming more sophisticated, and the market becoming increasingly competitive, hotel technology is vital to operational efficiency, marketing and customer retention. Some of the technology trends are leading to significant improvements and savings for hotels, and some are revolutionizing customers’ expectation and hotel experience completely. In this panel discussion, we will discuss how the implementation of technology in hotels can improve the guest experience and the operation efficiency, as well as what are the opportunities in technology that hotels can apply to exalt the stay experience.
Ulrich Pillau
Founder, Apaleo GmbH
Ian Millar
Professor of Information Technology, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Nick Price
CEO, NetSys Technology
Tuesday, March 13th – From 11.15 am to 12.45 pm
The Changing Dynamics of Hotel Ownership
While a handful of hotel companies are exercising asset-light strategy, we have witnessed the growing appetite of institutional investors for new hotel ownerships, driven by the potential for high-yielding returns. Through this panel, we will delve into the reasons behind the changing landscape of the real estate world, and ask questions such as how does private equity assess hotel investments, how do hotel investments compare to other asset classes, and what it indicates for the hotel management companies.
Russell Kett
Chairman, HVS Market Research
Marc Socker
Managing Director Hotel Fund Management, Invesco Real Estate
Olivier Judge
Senior Director of Asset Management, Park Hotels & Resorts
Giovanni Forni
Vice President, Cedar Capital Partners
Tuesday, March 13th – From 16.45 pm to 18.00 pm
The Rise of the Lifestyle Brands: Revolutionizing the Hotel Experiences
How can lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments find the perfect balance between privacy, amenities and social activities? How to maximize hotels and service apartments’ public spaces utilization, and how to build concepts that are millennial-driven but also have universal appeals? Hoteliers refer to “millennial” as people that value authentic experiences and the need to connect. This panel answers these questions by focusing on the growing trends of lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments.
Jessica Emde
Brand Manager nhow Hotels, NH Hotel Group
Navneet Bali
Chairman, MEININGER Hotels
Andreas Scriven
Head of Hospitality & Leisure, Deloitte
Youri Sawerschel
Founder and Brand Strategist, Creative Supply
Alessandro Redaelli
Vice President Operations, Paramount Hotels & Resorts
Wednesday, March 14th – From 11.45 am to 12.45 pm
Exploring Niche Markets: Seizing the Untapped Opportunities
Niche marketing creates wonderful branding opportunities for hotels to differentiate themselves from the others while providing adapted services to guests with particular needs. By doing so, it can boost their attractiveness to guests, which then leads to increased room nights and, eventually, higher revenues. By bringing together experts in niche marketing and in markets with unique travelling requirements, this panel will focus on how hotels can better serve specialized markets through answering questions such as: How to identify and stimulate demand from the potential customer groups? How to satisfy the needs of the guests in the niche market better? How to maintain dominant positions over the competitors in the same market?
Maggie Chen
Assistant Professor in Marketing, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Adam Rowledge
GM, Georgian House Hotel
Christopher Cox
Regional Director, Preferred Hotels & Resorts
Mathew Nixon
Business and Operations Transformation, Dorchester Collection
Daniel Füglister
General Manager, InterContinental Davos
Young Hoteliers Summit