Speakers ’18

We are currently in the selection process of our speakers coming from diverse hospitality-related companies for our 9th edition of YHS!
In the meantime, we are proud to present the official topics of the panel discussions taking place throughout the three days of our Summit ’18:
Exploring Niche Markets: Seizing the Untapped Opportunities : “How can companies identify and stimulate demand from untapped markets? How can they satisfy the dynamic needs of niche travellers, as well as maintain a dominant position in this segment?” By exanimating successful brands from the past, we will focus on how hotels can better serve these specialized markets nowadays.
The Rise of the Lifestyle Brands: Revolutionizing the Hotel Experiences : “How can the industry build successful concepts that are millennial-driven but also have universal appeals? How can we crack the code of the forever-changing millennial mindsets?” Hoteliers refer to “millennial” as people that value authentic experiences and the need to connect. This panel answers these questions by focusing on the growing trends of life style hotels and service apartments.
Redefining Luxury in the Age of the Millennial : In this panel discussion, we will discuss how the luxury segment is currently responding to the boom of millenial travellers. “How will the luxury travel industry reshape? What actions is luxury industry taking to satisfy all age groups?
How Technology will Change the Future Hospitality Industry: This panel discussion will examine the opportunities that technology can bring to hoteliers in order to optimize their operational efficiency, guest experiences and ultimately hotel revenues.
The Changing Dynamics of Hotel Ownership: While a handful of hotel companies are exercising asset-light strategy, we have witnessed the growing appetite of institutional investors for new hotel ownerships, driven by the potential for high-yielding returns. Through this panel, we will delve into the reasons behind the changing landscape of the real estate world.
Young Hoteliers Summit