The idea of ​​YHS

In 2010, five students from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne founded a small committee with a big purpose: to bring together established professionals and aspiring leaders of the hospitality industry to share ideas and knowledge, and accelerate progress in the industry. Since then, YHS has worked hard to become recognized as the largest student-run summit in the world. Every year, YHS welcomes approximately 30 speakers, student delegates from over 40 of the world’s leading hospitality institutions, as well as members of the media and other external guests at the summit. Building on a different theme each year, YHS serves as a platform for interesting and insightful debates and discussions on the industry’s hottest topics.

Keynote Speeches

Every year, YHS dedicates itself to engaging leaders of their respective industries to deliver powerful and thought-provoking speeches. Drawing on their personal experience and expertise, each keynote speaker interprets the theme from their unique perspective to engage and inspire the audience. Past keynote speakers of the 10th Edition include Martijn Brouwer, General of Astronaut Relations & Hospitality at Virgin Galactic; Tess Mattisson, Senior Director of European Marketing at Choice Hotels International; and Olivier Bracard, CEO & Co-Founder of Hosco.

Find out more about our past speakers who have graced our stage here

Panel Discussions

An integral part of the YHS experience, Panel Discussions seek to bring together top managers in varying fields of expertise to debate and discuss the latest trends of the industry. Topics from the 10th Edition include "Global Brand Strategy: Adaptation and Development", as well as "Seizing Top Tech Opportunities: When Data is Everything".


Introduced in the 8th Edition of YHS in 2017, YHSessions offers a unique opportunity for participating companies and young delegates to directly engage and interact with one another through 2-hour workshops. Companies design their own workshops that aim to find viable solutions to business problems, brainstorm refreshing ideas, and to get the young talents excited about their company. This has not only allowed our delegates to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the hospitality industry, but also for participating companies to tap into the fresh perspectives that these future industry leaders may offer.

YHS Challenge

The YHS Challenge is an interesting experience not only for the delegates, but also for their audience. Working in teams and under immense time pressure, delegates have mere hours to put together a viable and innovative solution to a challenge set by our Challenge Provider. Delegates are pitted against one another to present the best solution on the third and final day, and are judged according to strict criteria to crown the champions of the Challenge. The 10th Edition YHS Challenge was set by our Challenge Provider Accor Hotels, and delegates were presented with the task - Design the Accor F&B Playbook


As an internationally-recognized global summit bringing together the best minds of the industry, YHS has always been an excellent platform for networking. Whether through coffee breaks, the Gala Dinner, or designated networking sessions, speakers, delegates, and all participants of YHS have had the opportunity to interact with one another, share new ideas, and simply form new friendships.

The Founders

Rachel Crawford

Innovation Manager in Emerging Markets, Village Capital


Anil Varghese

Manager at PwC, EMEA Lodging &Tourism Clients Group


Christophe Oneyser

Senior Associate, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)


Youri Sawerschel

Founder and Brand Strategist, Creative Supply


Giovanni Forni

Vice President, Cedar Capital Partners