The Young Hoteliers Summit 2020 is underway! If you are a student at EHL and would like to be part of this challenging but rewarding experience, please do not hesitate to send in your CV and cover letter to by Monday, October 7 2019.


Open to: BOSC 1/2/4/5​

Requirements: Excellent writing skills in English; strong interest in hotel/tourism, Public Relations, branding, and technology; team-oriented, objective-driven, and confident at liaising with media partners in a professional manner.

  • Assist in arranging for media interviews with speakers during the summit, including drafting interview questions and arranging logistics

  • Assist in developing and writing Press Releases

  • Research, select, and contact past and potential media partners; negotiate terms of partnership

  • Be professional in managing media personnel attending the summit and their respective pre-arrival, during, and departure needs

  • Be involved in developing the YHS newsletter and summit newspaper

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed



Open to: BOSC 1/2/4/5​

Requirements: Passion for the hotel/tourism industry, exceptional customer/client management, interpersonal and organizational skills, excellent communication skills to manage high profile leaders, highly ambitious, adaptable and self-motivated. ​

  • ​Assist the Head of Speakers in conducting market research and analysis to identify key topics based on the selected theme and deliver corresponding engaging content for the summit that add value for the partners and stakeholders of YHS

  • Stay on top of the important trends and influences in the hospitality and tourism industry to enhance the summit

  • Build relationships with industry leaders and develop a network of contacts with major brands and, thought leaders, and other key industry influencers in hospitality and tourism industry​

  • Assist in developing a relevant, innovative & inspirational schedule and securing high level speakers

  • Be responsible for the program of the summit and the speakers on site; assisting with all their needs

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed


Open to: BOSC 1/2/5​

Requirements: Detail oriented, patient, team oriented and strong excel skills​

  • Assist the HOD to create the backbone of planning and organization of all logistics requirements for the Summit & YHS committee

  • Prepare all schedules of the Summit for all participants and organizing team members

  • ​Take charge of setting up and maintaining Summit operational spaces such as:

  • HQ for the YHS Committee

  • Sponsor lounge

  • Collaborate with marketing team to create an experiential zone with sponsors

  • Support the F&B team with transportation logistics for external events

  • Coordinate delegate & teacher on campus and external activities such as

  • Ice breaker activity for delegates

  • Delegate after party in collaboration with Fete Finale

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed


Open to: BOSC 1/2​

Requirements: Creative, organized, reliable, dedicated and open​

  • Assist the HOD in organizing all F&B activations

  • Collaborate with school to create on campus F&B Experiences

  • Organize external F&B events including:

  • Welcome Cocktail

  • Gala Dinner​

  • Sourcing locations for above mentioned events as well as selecting appropriate menus and beverages

  • Scouting potential partners and sponsors to enhance the Summit F&B offering

  • Following up with HODs & key stakeholders on all items regarding Food & Beverage.​

  • Following up on the previously set timeline, ensuring that all deadlines are met by externals and internals.​

  • Reach out to all YHS departments regarding F&B requirements and preferences of their guests

  • Ensuring a smooth execution of all F&B activations during the YHS Summit

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed

Open to: BOSC 1/2/5

Requirements:  Creative, organized, and  proactive mind with a passion for spreading the word about YHS in EHL ahead of our Summit through tangible tools, physical promotions before and during the summit.

  • In charge of the planning of promotional events on campus possibly inviting external guests and working alongside other committees, in line with YHS image and message

  • Preferably previous knowledge in events planning (in committees and/or outside EHL)

  • Collaborate with the logistics department to organize materials, hosts from the committee and budgeting purchases

  • Collaborate with the F&B department for food and drinks purchases

  • Planning and execution of innovative coffee break design/ concepts

  • Responsible for drafting proposals concerning the purchase of event decorations

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed

Open to: BOSC 1/2/4/5

Requirements: A creative problem solver and innovative thinker passionate about creating memorable event spaces that empower and transform the participants.

  • Manage and coordinate installation regarding all matters of the set-up and decorations

  • Responsible for the decorations of all YHS promo events

  • Responsible for developing marketing content to promote internal YHS events

  • Conceptualize, create and purchase decorations for the 3-day Summit

  • Coordinate and collaborate with third party agency to develop experiential marketing booths

  • Collaborate with the Project Manager to reach key milestones in the  development of experiential marketing booths

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed

Open to: BOSC 1/2/4/5

Requirements: Social media native who knows how to grab the audience’s attention. Position focused on the design and posting of content.

  • Able to build campaigns and grow a fan base and appeal to the YHS target audience on various platforms

  • Organized, proactive, able to prepare and schedule frequent Social Media posts

  • Ideally with previous experience or shown interest in design softwares (such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and/or Canva), to produce creative designs for physical and virtual materials including posters, business cards, info booklets and all other types of YHS collateral

  • At ease with the Social Media channels used by YHS: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat

  • Collaborate with other department to receive information on significant media posts, and get them designed, reviewed and scheduled ahead of time

  • In charge of social media monitoring and supporting a communication platform with our audience across all channels

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed

Open to: BOSC 1/2/5

Requirements: Enthusiastic and motivated content creator with previous experience in editing

  • Good knowledge of graphic design and video editing softwares

  • Access to personal filming equipment (professional camera with HD quality), which will be used throughout the semester

  • Frequently collaborating with other marketing assistants in coordinating photography material before, during and after the Summit

  • Continuous research about hospitality news and developing creative content based on current trends

  • Help expand YHS visibility through outstanding visual content

  • Commission and coordinate photographer/videographer for the Summit

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed

Open to: BOSC 1/2/5

Requirements: Being of assistance to the marketing team to identify, plan and execute two major projects for YHS 2020. Pushing for the completion of common goals while collaborating with other team members

  • Support the development of project charters, timelines with key milestones and activities

  • Partner with Heads of Marketing to track progress on projects with appropriate success metrics

  • Develop simple, yet effective presentations and proposals, based on the guidelines given by Heads of Marketing

  • Write concisely and persuasively to summarize project statuses, craft internal memos/communications and emails for various audiences

  • Work with a third party agency to optimize current website

  • Possess acute attention to detail and catch errors before deliverables are finalized

  • Set up calls, meetings as necessary to support larger project initiatives

  • Assist other departments in the preparation and execution of the summit as needed