YHS Employer Rankings

The YHS Rankings are an integral component towards achieving the mission of YHS, which is to improve opportunities for young talent by putting global hotel companies in the spotlight. Since 2010, hospitality students worldwide have been asked to give their perception of hotel companies in terms of employers and recruiters.

In February 2018, these employer rankings of the top hotel companies were collected through a survey completed by over 1,766 participants from more than 198 different hospitality schools across 95 nationalities. The questions posed in this questionnaire focused on future employment preferences, previous hospitality work experiences as well as participants’ career aspirations. The combination of these questions and key-decision makers enable employers to tailor their recruitment routines and narrow the gap between employer offerings and students’ career expectations.

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The YHS Rankings Partners 2018


As the world’s leading hospitality network, we are thrilled to introduce HOSCO, our distribution partner for the YHS Rankings survey 2018, and this since 2014! HOSCO brings together leading hospitality organizations and students from top-ranked hotel schools worldwide into an innovative, real time and user-friendly online community. Not only does HOSCO provide an engaging platform for job seekers and recruiters, but is also a place to network, gain career advice, industry insights and much more! Click on the link to learn more about HOSCO


It is our pleasure to introduce STR (Smith Travel Research), our partner for the YHS Rankings survey 2018! Smith Travel Research is the leading source for hospitality related data, analytics and benchmarking. STR’s STAR reports allows leading hotel companies worldwide to make better daily and long term strategic decisions. In addition, STR provides comprehensive data to students and professors through their SHARE Center, serving as support for research and learning. Our partnership with STR provides the YHS Rankings with key insight in hospitality research!


Founded in 2002, Qualtrics provides software to help researchers collect and analyze data online. The data is then used for market research, evaluations, feedback, and studies on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their online platform is used by researchers worldwide and was even ranked 12th in the Forbes Cloud 100. YHS Rankings uses Qualtrics from the start, setting up the survey, to the end, to generate results for the final Rankings report. Qualtrics also serves as a database for historical data, allowing us to identify trends from past surveys!


Mozaik has created a new breed of agency effectively combining business knowledge, strategic data analysis and key technological complexes in a long-term and meaningful creative process.  With more than 15 years of expertise in serving the hospitality industry in Greece and abroad, Mozaik continues to grow with a newly Swiss office branch and played a critical part in the redesign process of the new version of the YHS ranking since 2016.
A new methodological approach was developed to ensure the reliability and seamless future use of the YHS Rankings; a new approach, regarding hotel brand attractiveness and evaluation of the criteria importance for the selection of young talent career choices over time. Learn more about services provided by Mozaik.

YHS Rankings also gratefully thanks all the professors from EHL for providing their insights and recommendations for making the survey as good as it is.

Consulted experts for creating the YHS rankings survey 2018:

· Steve Hood, STR

· Ms. Daniela Link, EHL

· Prof. Carlos Martin-Rios, EHL

· Prof. Elisa Chan, EHL

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