Since 2010, YHS Rankings is an integral component towards achieving the mission of the Young Hoteliers Summit. The YHS committee aims to improve opportunities for young talent by putting global companies in the spotlight.

This year, a survey was distributed to young professionals worldwide and was completed by 1,219 participants from over 200 hospitality schools across 100 nationalities. Questions explored prospective career paths, different methods of job search, employee retention, and workplace motivators which hospitality talents deem important. In the final section of the survey, respondents were asked to vote for the most desirable hotel employers.

The findings of this survey are examined in the YHS Employer Rankings Report. The analysis addresses areas in which employers can improve their employer branding, recruitment, and employment methods. Furthermore, it encourages companies to rethink their position within the business market.

Stay tuned during the summit to find out more about the YHS Employer Rankings Report 2019!

YHS Rankings Partners 2019

As the world’s leading hospitality network, we are thrilled to introduce Hosco, our distribution partner for the YHS Employer Rankings Survey 2019! Hosco brings together leading hospitality organizations and students from top-ranked hotel schools worldwide into an innovative, real-time and user-friendly online community. Not only does HOSCO provide an engaging platform for job seekers and recruiters, but is also a place to network, gain career advice, industry insights and much more!

Click on the link to learn more about Hosco!

It is our pleasure to introduce Smith Travel Research, our partner for the YHS Rankings Survey 2019! STR is the leading source for hospitality related data, analytics and benchmarking. STR’s STAR reports allows leading hotel companies worldwide to make better daily and long-term strategic decisions. In addition, STR provides comprehensive data to students and professors through their SHARE Center, serving as support for research and learning. STR has assisted the YHS Rankings Department with key insight in the segmentation of hotel chains.

Click on the link to learn more about STR!

Qualtrics provides software to help researchers collect and analyze data online. Their online platform is used by researchers worldwide and was even ranked 7th in the Forbes Cloud 100 (2018).

The YHS Employer Rankings Team uses Qualtrics throughout the entire process, from setting up the survey to generating results for the final report. Qualtrics also serves as a database for historical data, allowing the team to identify trends from past findings!

YHS Rankings also gratefully thanks

The professors from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne who provided their insights and recommendations to enrich this year’s report:

Meng-Mei Chen, Ph.D., EHL

Stéphanie Pougnet Rozan, Ph.D., EHL

The entire YHS Community for creating a unique and memorable experience!