Keynote Speakers 

Using their own experience and expertise, each keynote speaker interpreted the 9th Edition’s theme – “Eyes to the Future: Following the Momentum of Growth” – to deliver an insightful and thought-provoking speech.
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Panel Discussions

Redefining Luxury in the Age of the Millennial
In this panel discussion, we examined the correlation between millennials and the luxury travel industry, as well as the potential trends in the luxury sector with the influence of millennials. How will millennials reshape the luxury travel industry? How should the marketing, sales and merchandising strategies adapt to the changes in the demography? What actions are luxury sectors taking to satisfy all-age group travellers?
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How Technology will Change the Future Hospitality Industry
As guest demands become increasingly complex, and more players enter the industry, hotel technology has become vital to remaining competitive. In this panel discussion, we discussed how the implementation of technology in hotels could improve the guest experience and the operation efficiency, as well as what were the opportunities in technology that hotels could apply to exalt the stay experience.
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The Changing Dynamics of Hotel Ownership
While a handful of hotel companies are exercising asset-light strategy, there has been a growing appetite from institutional investors for new hotel ownerships, driven by the potential of high returns. Through this panel, we delved into the reasons behind the changing landscape of the real estate world, and asked questions such as how does private equity assess hotel investments, how do hotel investments compare to other asset classes, and what it indicates for the hotel management companies.
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The Rise of the Lifestyle Brands: Revolutionizing the Hotel Experiences
How can lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments find the perfect balance between privacy, amenities and social activities? How may hotels and serviced apartments maximize the utilization of public spaces, and how could we build concepts that are millennial-driven but also have universal appeals? Hoteliers regard “millennials” as people who value authentic experiences and the need to connect. This panel sought to answer these questions by focusing on the growing trends of lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments.
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Exploring Niche Markets: Seizing the Untapped Opportunities
Niche marketing creates wonderful branding opportunities for hotels to differentiate themselves from others whilst providing adapted services to guests with particular needs. By bringing together experts in niche marketing and markets with unique travelling requirements, this panel focused on how hotels could better serve specialized markets.
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